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Customized Solutions for Medium and Large Practices

Our services are all included at no out-of-pocket expense to your organization!

Our work with our partners is all about a strategic partnership. We define our success by your success, and our results are proven. Once you select a plan, we develop specific marketing collateral—name and logo, brand aesthetic, print- and web-based marketing, etc.— for your organization and plan to get the word out to your current and prospective patients who may benefit from a discount plan.


  • Either develop or re-tool existing plan
  • Administrate provider contracts
  • Manage subscriber sign ups
  • Integrate systems to communicate subscriber information
  • Reduce overall costs to manage plan
  • Create and fully implement regulatory compliant plan
  • Compliant/Grievance inquiry and resolution
  • Regulatory compliant marketing campaigns
  • Regulatory compliant web site
  • Regulatory compliant brochures and collateral
  • Custom marketing communications materials and new plan brochures
  • Train the trainer/regional personnel to implement dental plan
  • Communication to offices via monthly newsletter
  • Member renewals generated on monthly basis
  • Customer service department to handle all inbound inquiries regarding plan benefits and office locations
  • Member service enrollment department
  • Member outreach program, member and provider satisfaction surveys
  • Partner specific marketing campaign
  • Brochure shipment to all office locations

If you would like to learn more about our customized solutions for medium and large practices, offered at no cost to you, call us at (800) 874-1986