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Stephen Thorne founded Pacific Dental Services (PDS) in 1993 with a vision to create the “Greatest Dental Company in America.”  Over the last 22 years, PDS has grown into a well-respected Dental Service Organization that assists over 630 dental practices in 20 states. PDS handles administrative tasks for their affiliated offices so the dentists can focus on what they love–practicing dentistry.  Without the burden of daily administrative duties, PDS affiliated dentists can focus on providing much needed dental care to a fast growing population. With plans to expand into more states and add more than 80 affiliated offices each year, PDS continues to live up to their vision of being a leader in the industry.


My Smile Dental plan for Pacific Dental Services English language brochure

The CDI Group began its partnership with PDS in 2007 by working side by side to expand their existing My Smile Dental Plan. PDS was looking for a partner who could deliver a high level of expertise in dental plan administration, in-depth understanding of federal and state regulatory regimes, superior customer service, and the agility to grow and expand the My Smile Dental Plan in all the states that they operate. We implemented a fully integrated payment portal, online eligibility system, renewal department, and billing system to enhance the office and member experience. The My Smile Dental Plan is offered at all PDS affiliated offices to help the growing amount of non-insurance patients gain access to quality, affordable dental care. In addition to helping PDS patients, the My Smile Dental Plan has also helped PDS gain financial control from cash paying patients through price transparency and hands-on customer service.


My Smile Dental plan for Pacific Dental Services Spanish language brochure

The My Smile Dental Plan has experienced unparalleled growth while continuing to be a vital resource for the patients, dentists, and PDS as an organization.  Month after month, year after year, the impact the plan has on PDS as an organization is astounding.  The My Smile Dental Plan will continue to help PDS attain their goal of making modern dentistry affordable and available to all.


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  • State Regulatory Compliance
  • Customer Service Administration
  • Provider Service Administration
  • Security for HIPAA Compliance
  • Grievance Compliance and Resolution
  • Training Participating Offices & Doctors
  • Plan Website Design and Maintenance
  • Dental Plan Branding, Marketing, & Fulfillment


“The CDI Group has been a powerful strategic partner for PDS, providing invaluable expertise. Their customer service is impeccable and the team they have is top notch. The CDI Group is committed to product innovation, affordability, and services that exceeds our expectations.”

-Pacific Dental Services


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