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With more than 20 years of caring for families in the Madison, Wisconsin area, First Choice Dental has built a reputation for providing industry-leading services and exceptional patient experiences that build long-term relationships. It’s a way of doing business that their patients have come to expect, and a standard that The CDI Group embraces when entering into a partnership. The CDI Group began its partnership with First Choice Dental in 2015 by designing and implementing the proprietary Smart Choice Dental Plan. The plan, offered in all First Choice Dental offices, is geared to help patients without dental insurance gain access to affordable dentistry.

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Smart Choice Dental Plan for First Choice Dental

Smart Choice Dental Plan was created in close consultation with the First Choice Dental management team.  We created a regulatory compliant dental plan that would address the needs of their patients who do not have dental insurance.  In line with their patient-focused approach, the plan was expertly tailored to compliment and embrace the First Choice Dental brand and an ongoing commitment to providing access to quality, affordable dental care.



Smart Choice Dental Plan English and Spanish Language Brochures

The CDI Group created the plan name, logo, brand aesthetic, print and web-based marketing, as well as specific marketing collateral. However, it doesn’t end there. CDI continuously collaborates with First Choice Dental to market the plan to current and prospective patients.

First Choice Dental is now able to provide more services to their existing patients and additional value for their new ones. The plan enables First Choice Dental patients to get just the services they need when they need them. Patients see immediate savings and the Smart Choice Dental Plan is offered at all the First Choice Dental offices.  No matter where you are in or around Madison, you’re never far from a First Choice Dental office, offering state of the art and affordable dental care.


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  • State Regulatory Compliance
  • Plan Website Design and Maintenance
  • Develop Customized Fee Schedule
  • Customer Service Administration
  • Dental Plan Branding, Marketing, & Fulfillment
  • Security for HIPAA Compliance
  • Grievance Compliance and Resolution
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Provider Service Administration
  • Office Training

“Partnering with The CDI Group has given First Choice Dental the opportunity to provide patients with a great option for savings on quality, affordable dental care. The CDI Group has helped us not only create a plan that provides great value and savings, but one that also embraces our philosophy and brand. Their commitment to our partnership and administering our plan has undoubtedly helped drive the success we have seen with the plan thus far.”

-First Choice Dental


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