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Blackford Dental Management provides operational excellence and practice management to their affiliated practices and patients in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Transparency is key to their success and was an important factor in selecting a partner to create and design their new Bright Choice Dental Plan. The CDI Group provides its partners with unique expertise in creating, marketing and administering proprietary dental plans. Blackford Dental required a partner with an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations in all regions of the country where affiliated offices are located. The Bright Choice Dental Plan launched January 2017, and has experienced extraordinary growth, year to date.

The CDI Group provided design, development, and implementation services for the new Bright Choice Dental Plan website, branding, and marketing. We focus on providing the best user experience, including a tool that allows browsers to search for an office, see available discounts, and access a member-specific portal. Throughout this process, CDI worked with Blackford Dental Management every step of the way to ensure all their needs were met.

With a crowded Discount Dental Plan Market, Blackford Dental Management wanted a plan that would stand out in the crowd. The Bright Choice fee schedule was created and designed with input from the client, to ensure ease of understanding for both the patient and office. The CDI Group’s innovative approach guarantees that our custom dental plans will capture the attention of your target patients.

Understanding our partner’s needs is critical to the success of a CDI Group Dental Plan. We recognize that the most important elements at the office staff level may not be the same as those of the Blackford Dental management team. Therefore, Dental Plan Performance Reports are created for our partner each month, and include overall plan performance, office level metrics, and enrollment statistics. Understanding essential connections and combining key metrics, while working collaboratively with Blackford Dental Management, help ensure office level engagement and overall success.

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  • State Regulatory Compliance
  • Customer Service Administration
  • Fee Schedule Development and Implementation
  • Member Outreach Program
  • Provider Service Administration
  • Security for HIPAA Compliance
  • Plan Website Design & Maintenance
  • Training Participating Offices & Doctors
  • Grievance Compliance and Resolution
  • Dental Plan Branding, Marketing, & Fulfillment


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