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We know that choosing the right dental healthcare partner for your organization can be a challenge

This business challenge has only become more important as the government continues to enact and strictly enforce regulations and laws regarding dental office discount plans. The CDI Group understands the gravity and intricacies of choosing the right partner.


Unparalleled Partner Service


Original Industry Leader


Regulation Compliance

We partner with all sizes of Dental Practice Management companies (DPMs) dedicated to providing quality dental care. We work closely with your organization to develop a specific version of our Proprietary Discount Plan that works for your business model, your offices, and your patients.

Regulation Compliance

The biggest—and more important—difference we offer from our competition, is that our plans are guaranteed to be regulation compliant. The nature of these discount plans has fostered a lot of systemic abuse, and as a result, the government has continuously added stricter emulations and laws to prevent such abuse. This results in leaving a lot of plans that were once legal, susceptible to audits and potential legal action! We have an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations in all regions of the country and can ensure that your business and discount plan stays compliant.

Industry Leader 

With a compelling track record in practice revenue enhancement, as well as direct hands on experience in business development, practice market penetration, we are the industry leader in Discount Dental Plans. Our ability to create, customize, implement, administer, a proprietary discount plan for your organization will enhance and strengthen your market presence. Let The CDI Group create a value-added discount plan for your organization, providing your office the tools they need to maintain and increase their patient base.

Partner Service

We believe in serving our partners and members with ‘knowledgeable’ employees who are highly customer focused. Our representatives are trained to spend whatever time it is necessary to make every member, prospective member, and provider partner feel valued. To provide excellent customer service, it is key that our members and dental office staff are able to immediately connect with the right customer service representative. To do this, we have established a proven culture that empowers our customer service representatives to provide exceptional service.