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What is the most benficial equipment in your office?

One of the most useful high-tech tools a dentist can add to their arsenal today is a dental camera. In the past, dental cameras could easily cost upwards of ten thousand dollars. The hardware was cumbersome and they were extremely difficult to set up and use. The cameras were analog and required high intensity lights and capture cards in computers. The image was mediocre at best. The technology has come a long way since then.

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Pulp Capping

A patient goes to the dentist for a routine checkup and is told they have a cavity, also known as dental caries or decay. A dentist will remove the dental disease from the tooth and, once all the disease is gone, will place the patient’s choice of restoration in the tooth. However, sometimes the removal …

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Teeth Cleaning 101

Teeth cleaning or prophylaxis is a preventive treatment for diseases of the gum. The procedure involves the removal of tartar or mineralized plaque that can develop even with diligent brushing and flossing. A prophlylaxis is often done by a professional dental hygienist. A typical appointment involves a dentist doing a complete medical and dental history, …

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