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The CDI Group and Tralongo LLC create the Smile Select Dental Plan

The CDI Group is proud to announce their partnership with Tralongo, LLC, a firm that partners with dentists to help them grow and expand their practices. Tralongo sought a flexible partner poised as an industry leader in the discount dental plan market to create and administer a dental plan for all Tralongo offices.  They wanted a consistent, professionally administered plan that would take the administrative burden off the dental offices so they could continue to focus on their patients.

The Smile Select Dental Plan was created with the uninsured in mind to offer quality dental care at an affordable price. The plan was also designed to help Tralongo grow their patient base as they continue their expansion across the United States.  The Smile Select Dental Plan ( offers significant savings to potential patients.  Currently, there are 29 procedures available with a “fixed fee” which makes new patient and existing patient visits very affordable. The plan includes free exam and X-rays. Other procedures are offered to the members at a 25% discount.

“Many times, patients voice financial concerns when we discuss their treatment plans, keeping them from accepting the services they need. The savings offered by the Smile Select Dental Plan may be just what they need to decide to accept the treatment,” said Kathleen Hauman, Sr. Vice President of The CDI Group.   “Working together with Tralongo, we hope to see an increase in the number of patients choosing to maintain and improve their oral health.”

About Tralongo LLC

Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, Tralongo, LLC is a firm that partners with dentists throughout the United States to help them expand their practices by acquiring existing dental offices. With more than 90 years of combined experience in dental management, as well as dental transitions and acquisitions, the Tralongo team assists clients by finding the practices that meet their criteria, performing the due diligence, obtaining the appropriate financing and, ultimately, acquiring the office. The firm also provides clients with behind-the-scenes management support, including finance, human resources, marketing and ongoing education. For more information on Tralongo LLC, visit

About The CDI Group

The CDI Group, founded in California in 2007 specializes exclusively in designing, developing, and administering proprietary discount dental plans. It collaborates with dental practice management, dental services organizations, and small to mid-sized practices to offer innovative and customized alternatives to dental insurance for both insured and uninsured patients. For more information, please visit