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How to Use Facebook for Your Dental Practice

Dentist working in her office

If you are running a dental practice, chances are you aren’t an expert at social media.  In between patients, paperwork, and other duties around the office, you probably don’t have time to worry about “small” things like that. There are also the people that don’t see the value in social media when it comes to a business. With more than 72% of Americans having at least 1 social media profile you need to have an active presence for your business.

Facebook is the most important place for your dentist practice to be because of the ability to not only reach people in your geographic area but also target them. Aside from just creating a page and posting content, Facebook has so much more to offer for businesses.

Here are some of the best tools for businesses on Facebook and tips on how to use them.

-Geo-targeted Advertising: Facebook’s advertising platform is more advanced and targeted than any other social media site. Its tools allow you to target people down to the neighborhood.  We suggest running an ad that only targets people within 15 miles of your practice. You’ll also want to identify an age group that you are looking to reach. To get the most out of your ads you want to have a landing page that will encourage people to leave their information, so you can follow up with an email or phone call.

Encourage Patients to “Check-In”: The best advertising is word of mouth and the new way of telling your friends, families, and acquaintances about things is social media.  Facebook’s tool of having people check in at your office is a great way of getting the word out about your practice. Your patients will check in and all of their friends who follow them on social media will see it, creating awareness of your practice to a whole new group of patients. Have your front desk ask patients to check in when they arrive or leave, to incentivize people to do this you can do a raffle for a free item or service.

-Promoted Posts: Facebook allows you to boost content that you post on your page, which increases the number of people who see it. When you are posting content that links to your site or promotes things like a dental plan or special offer, you want to promote this so more of your followers will see it. You can also promote content to people who don’t follow your page.

-Reviews: Encourage your customers to leave reviews for you on Facebook. This helps people who are considering your practice and visit your page. Positive feedback from patients will help potential patients make the decision to go with your dental practice over others.