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5 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Dental Office


Creating a welcoming, clean, and modern environment is an essential part of getting and retaining new patients. Your patients begin to form their perception of you and your practice when they walk into your reception area. If you don’t make it a good impression, it could cost you patients. What does your reception area say about your dental practice? Does it reflect what you want? Is it clean and professional? Is it comfortable and welcoming? If not, there are simple things you can do to makeover your office without spending a fortune.

Here are some fixes that won’t break the bank:

  1. Update Artwork to reflect your practice: Find a piece of attractive and memorable art for your waiting room. Choose something that is unique and reflects your personality and increases the appeal of your dental office. This art piece will not only set the mood for patients coming in, it will also serve as a talking point for patients and their guests, who are waiting.
  2. Paint for a fresh-clean look: How long has it been since you refreshed your office with a new coat of paint? It might be time for an update. Try something that is modern, like a shade of grey or light blue. These colors will help make the room seem bigger and more open as opposed to dark colors that make rooms seem smaller. Also, colors other than plain white can help patients feel more at ease and help make it seem less stiff and boring.
  3. Add Flowers & Plants to bring the room to life: Placing a plant or flowers in your reception area can help bring some life and color to the room at an inexpensive price. In addition to adding color, plants and flowers can also bring a pleasant aroma. Just a reminder if you do add a plant, make sure to water it!
  4. Use scent to welcome and calm your patients: A light scent added to your office will make your office feel clean to patients and can also be used to relax those who are feeling anxious. Scent is also the strongest senses when it comes to memory. If you create a positive scent for your office, it will reinforce that positive sense when they return. We recommend diffusers with essential oils that can offer health benefits so you can avoid toxic chemicals.
  5. Place extra amenities in your office: Refreshments, magazines, toys for kids, and TV’s are all things that help entertain and keep patients happy while they wait. Put a small refrigerator in the corner with refreshments or add a Keurig machine. These are inexpensive and the supplies tend to last longer than you think. Also, keep up-to-date magazines or a TV in the office, which may help distract patients when you fall behind schedule. Patients also appreciate free Wi-Fi.

These are small details, but they can go a long way towards improving positive impressions. While an office makeover is a good way to attract and keep patients, there are also other ways to do this. Creating a custom discount dental plan for your patients is a great way to offer affordable dental care and you can do it at no out of pocket expense to you with The CDI Group. To learn more about how to do this, click here.